Estates and Facilities Management

Estates and Facilities Management

After staffing costs, providing and maintaining health and care service buildings can be one of the highest areas of spending. Families and patients also describe the importance that facilities play in treatment. What innovations could be deployed in estates and facilities management that would improve both patient experience and efficient delivery of services?

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This innovation exchange has now passed, but encompassed everything related to the places where care is delivered, both the buildings and the systems that keep them running.

How can innovation help?

The following challenge statements will help you to respond to our local needs: 

  1. How might we improve estates utilisation across a health and care system through use of innovations?
  2. How might we reduce energy costs in our health and care estates through use of clean tech?
  3. How might we support better day to day operations and maintenance of healthcare premises?

Desired impact & outcomes

The desired outcomes of this innovation exchange were:

  • Valuable networking opportunities for innovators
  • Valuable feedback for innovators from local decision makers, healthcare practitioners and patients
  • Enlightening showcase of innovations in this field for health and care professionals¬†
  • Future partnerships between innovators and health and care teams formed