The Future Challenge: Keeping Healthy at Home

The Future Challenge: Keeping Healthy at Home

This challenge is now closed. We are looking for innovative products and services that give people confidence to deal with their health issues and still feel supported and connected whilst at home.

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This national call offers up to £40,000 to companies with a product or service already on the market and who are capable of supplying this on a commercial basis in response to our health and care challenges.

Our priorities in the West of England focus on two areas:

1) Staying well and confident, and out of hospital

2) Staying connected and supported.

Alex Leach, AHSN Deputy Director of Innovation and Growth said: “The growth of new and emerging technologies that promise to support us all to live well at home is so exciting.  We are looking forward to working with our members to explore the potential benefits of the winning innovations.”

How can innovation help?

The selected innovative products or services will be used and evaluated in a real world setting with support from the West of England AHSN.

At the end of the evaluation, innovators will receive a report on the evaluation which will also be shared with West of England AHSN members who commission and provide healthcare services across our region with a population of 2.4 million people.

They will also be offered the opportunity to develop your products in line with commissioner and provider requirements.

Desired impact / Outcomes

This challenge aims to deliver evaluation and case study data which we believe will:

• Support the evaluation and introduction of innovative products and services across the West of England region

• Support our members to achieve their local health objectives and needs.

• Increase the potential for sales of the technology in West of England healthcare providers.

• Increase the potential for national sales via the sharing of case studies across the 15 AHSNs