Horizon Scanning

Horizon Scanning

If your innovation doesn’t fit any of the active challenges, then this is the place to submit your innovation. By submitting here you will be able to access our WMAHSN specialist innovation services and share your innovation across the WM. We can support you to gain feedback, explore opportunities and gain expert advise and support around key issues relating to your idea or innovation.

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What is Meridian? 

The WMAHSN is supporting innovators to overcome historic barriers to adopting innovation by forming closer links between the NHS, industry and academia and by developing the infrastructure to improve the scale and speed of adoption across the West Midlands.

Meridian has been specifically designed to support the West Midlands’ innovation ecosystem, assisting NHS, academic, commercial and industrial stakeholders, and supporting a collaborative approach to resolving clinical and service challenges to build a region-wide innovation culture.

Why get involved?

Your participation will help identify and strengthen innovations from across the health and social sector.

  • Share your needs, innovations and ideas
  • Submit innovations to identified challenges and help put into action effective solutions
  • Get your innovation in front of commissioners, clinicians and health professionals
  • Grow your network and make contact with people whose innovations could change healthcare delivery as we know it
  • Help resolve healthcare challenges and create a healthier, wealthier region

How do i submit?

Simply click on this link the click on add 'Innovation' complete the online template.  Once completed click on 'Publish' and this will be submitted to our review team.  All submissions will be reviewed by our Meridian team before they are visible on the platform and we will contact you if you require any further information.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at meridian@wmahsn.org. 

What do i do if i can't click 'publish'

If the publish button is unavailable then there may be some required fields that have been left incomplete.  Once these have been completed you should be able to submit your innovation for review by our team.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at meridian@wmahsn.org. 

What happens to your submission 

When you submit an innovation, Meridian will notify you if other similar innovations have been submitted - you can either get in touch with them to partner up or go ahead and get your innovation published!

Your innovation submission will be visible to the entire community of users once the Meridian team has reviewed it.  We appreciate that some information is commercially sensitive so this information will only be visible to our WMAHSN moderators and will not be shared with anyone unless we consult you first, this information is identified within the form. Once submitted our Meridian moderators who are active in the innovation space will review your idea and get in touch with any feedback or suggestions before this is published to the main site. They are able to see any content marked ‘Confidential’ to assess your innovation more effectively and practically in order to support its development without giving away too much information on the open innovation exchange.  At this stage we will also look to identify any support you have indicated and get back to you with any feedback, suggestions, signposting or useful information.   

Once published others will be able to give feedback and comment on your submission and circulate this to thier networks. 

Already engaged with the AHSN Network of The AHSN Network Innovation Exchange? 

As a network we endeavour to provide innovators with a commonality of service across our Innovation Exchanges, this includes the use of a single industry engagement form which we use as part of the Meridian process.  If you have already completed this and submitted it to another AHSN or via our AHSN Network Innovation Exchange then please email this to our Industry Gateway (meridian@wmahsn.org) who will be happy to support you to engage with the WMAHSN.