Integrated Care

Integrated Care

There is a drive to transform the NHS and social care system to address the growing, and increasingly unsustainable, pressures faced by the system. This includes initiatives to transform the health and care workforce, to integrate health and care to better meet the needs of the population and to expand and improve access to health and social care.

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A new national Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) Healthcare competition has been launched by NHS to find innovative new products and services. The projects will be selected primarily on their potential value to the health service and on the improved outcomes delivered for patients. The competition is open to single companies or organisations from the private, public and third sectors, including charities.  

How can innovation help?

We are particularly interested in innovations across the two sub-categories below:

  • Improving effective data sharing systems across the network: Can we provide seamless access to data for all carers of a patient?
  • Reduce social care workforce pressure: Can we enable care workers to deliver proactive person-centred care?

NB: There are a number of technologies excluded from this competition which are already available, sometimes from multiple suppliers. Any technologies that negatively impact GP workloads will also be excluded. See brief.

Desired impact / outcomes

A new service model for the 1st Century will see the NHS increasingly be:

  • More joined-up and coordinated in its care, breaking down traditional barriers between care institutions, teams and funding streams.
  • More proactive in the services it provides with a move to population health management.
  • More differentiated in its support offer to individuals to make further progress on prevention, inequalities reduction and on responsiveness to the diverse population who use and fund the health service.