Mental health

Mental health

Rapidly emerging needs and developments in the area of mental health mean that new technologies can have significant impact in supporting the optimum delivery of care.

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Mental health was identified as the top priority for research and innovation in a recent survey of NHS clinicians and managers both nationally and within the UCLPartners region. 

We are particularly interested in hearing from companies with products in the areas of:

  • Mental health of children and young people 
  • Mental health of children and young people with long-term physical conditions 
  • Mental health first aid in the workplace 
  • Mental health of young people on CAHMS waiting lists
  • Mental health and wellbeing of university students
  • Mental health and eating disorders 
  • Body image and mental health 
  • Assistive technology for autism 
  • Supporting collaboration for multidisciplinary teams across sectors to ensure holistic delivery of care to promote young people’s mental health and wellbeing
  • Promotion of good mental health across the whole life course
  • Prevention and treatment of mental ill health across the whole life course

How can innovation help?

Introducing and supporting the implementation of innovations of potential clinical and financial benefit can have a positive impact on patient care and experience, support local health and care system efficiencies and priorities, and help achieve our vision of improving the health of our population.

Desired impact & outcomes

The desired outcomes of this innovation exchange are:

  • Valuable networking opportunities for innovators
  • Valuable feedback for innovators from local decision makers, healthcare practitioners and patients
  • Enlightening showcase of innovations in this field for health and care professionals 
  • Future partnerships between innovators and health and care teams formed