National survey of local innovation and research needs of the NHS

National survey of local innovation and research needs of the NHS

The AHSN Network commissioned an independent research consultancy, ComRes, to design, implement and deliver a survey that would provide a detailed understanding of the innovation and research needs at local level and across all AHSNs, the findings of this survey were published in April 2019.

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A governance group was established to oversee the project, with representatives from NHS England, the AHSN network, and NIHR. The project gathered the views of local health stakeholders within each AHSN region between June and October 2018, with 61 qualitative telephone interviews conducted, followed by a quantitative survey of 257 stakeholders. Over a third (34%) of these stakeholders are clinical leaders, managers or directors.

Respondents were asked about innovation and research needs across three main categories: system-level priorities, medical treatment areas, and needs related to specific patient groups. Stakeholders were also asked about their awareness, access and use of existing innovation and research.

Workforce issues, mental illness, older people, frailty, multi-morbidiites, current innovation and research emerged as priority areas.

Read the full report to find out more about the NHS challenges identified.