One Health Campaign

One Health Campaign

A Scale-Up Programme from SETSquared that will invest £100k+ into R&D project proposal development for a significant number of open and themed One Health funds including Bio/Med tech focused on disease prevention, precision medicine and other novel medical solutions.

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The health our planet, and all that live on it, is complex and interconnected.

Issues such as climate change, mass extinction of animal populations, antimicrobial resistance and poor water and soil quality are all impacting on our food quality and supply which in turn will impact on the health of humans, animals and the environment. By 2050, the UN (FAO) report that we will need to produce 50% more food globally to feed the growing population and the livestock that we eat.

One Health is globally understood as the umbrella term for the interconnectedness of human, animal and environmental health.

In recognition of this huge challenge, SETsquared’s Scale-Up Programme will invest £100k+ into R&D project proposal development for a significant number of open and themed One Health funds including the ISCF Future food production systems part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

We therefore invite academics (from the universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey), companies and consortia, including companies and academics, to apply for funding of up to £35k per project to help develop collaborative R&D proposals bids.

Specific areas of interest for this campaign are:

  • One Health: One Ocean – marine, island and coastal community solutions
  • Agri tech/Aqua tech – farmed environment (water courses, coastal zone, offshore (Ocean, sea, channel, etc) and land-based solutions)
  • Bio/Med tech – AMR/disease prevention/precision medicine and other novel medical solutions.

Apply now

Our six partner universities have extensive One Health related expertise and capabilities, so there are diverse opportunities to collaborate with them. View a summary of their research capabilities

Funding will only be allocated to proposals which seek to include a SETsquared partner university. If you do not have a partnership in place already, we can help identify suitable partners.

Each funding award can be used for bid writing, consortia partnership development and project management. Read our guide on how the funds can be used