Tackling Childhood Obesity in Primary Care

Tackling Childhood Obesity in Primary Care

Our call on "Tackling Childhood Obesity in Primary Care" aims to find innovations to help reduce the level of childhood obesity that is currently being seen in primary care, and reduce the impact of associated health problems

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In the UK, obesity related costs to the NHS are significant, and increase the risks and burden of chronic disease, such as asthma, type 2 diabetes and chronic liver disease later in life. Oxford AHSN are looking for any innovation that will enable childhood obesity to be monitored and tackled in a  primary care setting by GPs, nurses and parents.

Primary care practitioners are ideally placed to intervene in such cases and start a realistic and sensitive conversation with children and their parents. But engaging parents and children to address weight problems in children can often be difficult

 - Dr Dal Sahota, Clinical Director (Children)

How can innovation help?

Future innovations can help ease the burden on primary care by highlighting potential issues early to primary care clinicians and helping them to have the difficult conversation with parents around childhood obesity. Innovation will also be helpful for parents to help them tackle their child’s obesity, such as activity monitoring.

Desired Impact & Outcomes

We aim to introduce innovations that will enable Primary Care clinicians to take a more active role in managing and reducing childhood obesity, reducing the impact of future long term health conditions.