We are a small team united by a common cause – a deep commitment to supporting sustainable healthcare and transforming the delivery of care to patients living with multimorbidity through use of technology and new ways of working. We combine a wealth of knowledge to bring a variety of perspectives and complementary skills to the challenges of the evolving face of NHS Primary Care and work in harmony with forward thinking GP practices and clinicians who share our passion for such innovation.

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By Caredoctr


Current health systems, typically built around a single-disease framework, are poorly adapted to cope with patients with multimorbidity. These patients experience fragmented healthcare services and are at greater risk of negative outcomes and greater use of healthcare services, including unplanned admissions. a high risk of emergency and other hospital admissions, high rates of polypharmacy and spiralling costs.

There is therefore an urgent need to tackle multimorbidity in a more strategic, holistic, and cost-effective manner and this is an area where technology could offer significant benefits. 

CareDoctR has developed a novel patient recall and monitoring solution that gives GP practices the capability to:

  • Automating the entire recall and monitoring process of LTC/multimorbidity management and hence significantly reducing the practice administrative workload
  • Improving patient access and reducing clinician workload related to LTC/multimorbidity management by avoiding duplication of appointments and tests
  • Enabling and standardising care as per local and national guidelines thus reducing health inequalities.
  • Proactive management of high-risk patients who would otherwise end up with exacerbations
  •  Consolidating service infrastructure within Primary Care by optimising use of a wider workforce e.g. pharmacists etc.