Social Prescribing Software - Social Rx

Social Prescribing Software - Social Rx

Social Rx is an end-to-end social prescribing solution. This means that GPs can make easy referrals into social prescribing, and these referrals can be managed by link workers. Patients can then be referred into practical, local services to help improve their wellbeing. Our dashboards and reports provide useful insights into patient wellbeing, service booking activity and referral sources, amongst other things. 

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 Roughly 20% of GP appointments are for non-clinical issues, and social prescribing is a fast-growing area of the NHS to provide this support. New social prescribing teams are often using spreadsheets to manage their caseload and are recognising the need for a digital management system.

Social Rx is a complete end-to-end social prescribing solution that helps link workers manage cases, record action plans & assessments and make use of an internal directory of services available to patients. The software allows link workers to manage patients and patient relationships more efficiently, as well as drive social prescribing improvements using a range of dashboards and population reports. The system includes full interoperability with EMIS Web and SystmOne, which means that GPs can make quick referrals into Social Rx without having to leave their clinical system. To encourage social prescribing, the NHS is awarding PCNs with up to £4000/year if they make 12 referrals per 1000 patients. The dashboards within Social Rx allow GPs and Commissioners to monitor which practices are on target for the £4000, and which need to boost their number of referrals.