#EvaluateDigiHealth webinars launch second series

#EvaluateDigiHealth webinars launch second series

Posted on April 6

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Following the overwhelming success of last year’s Generating Evidence for Digital Health webinar series (#EvaluateDigiHealth), University College London, the Health Innovation Network, DigitalHealth.London Generator and MedCity are teaming up again to launch a new webinar series this spring.

The webinars are all free to join and are targeted at an international audience of digital health developers, researchers, students, clinicians and NHS managers and commissioners. Audience members can join discussions on topics including the experience of digital health companies in generating evidence, health care commissioners and staff perspective on what evidence they need, real world data and validation, and regulations.

Webinar 1: How do digital health companies navigate the evidence generation maze?

Date of webinar: Thursday 29 April 2021; 11:00 – 12:00

Registration Link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/navigating-the-digital-health-evidence-generation-maze-tickets-147790386023

Summary: Digital health companies face a bewildering array of questions, organisations and regulations on their evidence generation journey. This webinar will present and critically discuss the experiences of leads for companies who have achieved varying degrees of success in navigating this maze. There will be case presentations and a fireside chat about challenges, achievements, and failures. There will also be a panel discussion and Q&A session focussed on the identification of strategies, organisations and other key factors for success.           


Webinar 2: How can companies be better supported in digital health evaluation? Guide and discussion on the gov.uk's Evaluating Digital Health Products resources.

Date of webinar: 19 May 2021; 2-3pm

Registration Link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-can-companies-be-better-supported-in-digital-health-evaluation-tickets-147795158297

Summary: Digital health needs better evaluations, but there are significant barriers to doing that. Public Health England worked with digital developers across the private and public sectors to determine what help they needed. This work led to the Evaluating Digital Health Products resource on GOV.UK, an easy-to-use guide to evaluation. This resource will be our starting point for a discussion about what help developers and commissioners of digital health need, and what help might be coming in the future.


Webinar 3: How to ensure quality evidence generation for data-driven technologies?

Date of webinar: 8 June 2021; 2-3pm

Registration link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/real-world-data-and-validation-for-digital-health-tickets-147798044931

Summary: The exponential growth of digital health products and therapeutics is engendering novel ways of producing evidence using rich sources of data. This webinar will explore evidence generation for data-driven technologies in health care, discussing with leaders in this field how companies can work with health care providers in sustainable ways to evaluate and monitor digital health products, including those leveraging artificial intelligence. If RCTs are not always appropriate or feasible for rapidly evolving digital health products, what types of real-world evaluation and data monitoring should health systems and regulators be looking to establish to provide assurance to clinicians, carers and patients about safety and efficacy? What examples of best practice already exist and can be built upon?


Webinar 4: What digital health evidence do commissioners & clinicians want to see?

Date of webinar: Thursday 24 June 2021; 11-12pm

Registration link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/perspectives-from-the-system-what-commissioners-clinicians-want-to-see-tickets-147799037901

Summary: In this #EvaluateDigiHealth webinar, commissioners and clinicians from within the NHS and social care system discuss their experience and understanding of evidence generated by digital health companies. Evidence can mean different things to different sectors, and alignment is key in ensuring SMEs focus on generating relevant evidence and commissioner are empowered and comfortable enough to challenge evidence. This webinar aims to encourage this conversation and produce a thought leadership piece with views from both industry and the system.