Cambridge Respiratory Innovations (Camresp)

Cambridge Respiratory Innovations (Camresp)

Camresp have developed a CE-marked, proprietary, CO2 sensing device named N-Tidal, which enables them to collect more data from normal breathing than ever before. The device provides new insights into lung function. The connected hand-held device is simple to use, requires little-to-no training and is perfect for use within the clinic or at home. It is suitable for patients as young as 4 years old as well as the elderly. With unique insights, as well as correlations to FEV1, PEF and FEV25-75, the N-Tidal brings a new paradigm in the diagnosis, monitoring and management of cardiorespiratory conditions.

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N-Tidal has collected over 100,000 breath records in clinical studies and trials covering disease areas beyond the three core markets of COPD, Asthma and CHF.

The foundation of N-Tidal’s technology and the commercial development has been an extensive programme of clinical evaluations at Cambridge, Portsmouth and Nottingham.

These have included a number of clinical areas beyond COPD, asthma and CHF - breathing pattern disorders, Cystic Fibrosis, pneumonia and Motor Neurone Disease (MND/ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Work has been undertaken with the UK defence centre at Porton Down, generating a clinical paper presented at the American Thoracic Society annual congress in 2018. This work clearly demonstrated the ability of the N-Tidal technology to detect changes in lung function after the application of a drug.

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

The company has received a breadth of support from Eastern AHSN since 2013. This has included support and advice on commercialisation, expert and clinical introductions to test products in real world settings, identification of pilot sites, advice on clinical trials, regulatory approval and NHS procurement.Camresp also attended a Scale-Up Academy organised by Eastern AHSN in July 2019.

The AHSN has brokered introductions with consultants in diagnostics, funding, potential partners, other AHSNs and provided a sounding board for issues: “They offer moral support which is very important for SMEs– you need well-informed people to test out ideas.” – Jeremy Walsh, former Camresp CEO.

The Eastern AHSN will be supporting Camresp in developing partners and adoption of its technology by the NHS and internationally with trade associations and the Department for International Trade.


Impact & Outcomes

Further work will establish the effectiveness of the product in preventing COPD and Asthma exacerbations.  An initial study by an independent health economist concluded the NHS could save £67million in COPD and £21million in asthma exacerbations each year.

As a result of support from the Eastern AHSN, the company has leveraged additional funding of over £2.4million, including several innovate UK grants, NIHR funding and success with receiving support from SBRI Healthcare.