Challenges in Oncology MDTMs - NAVIFY Tumor Board

Challenges in Oncology MDTMs - NAVIFY Tumor Board

Multi Disciplinary Team Meetings (MDTM) are a central part of the cancer pathway but are becoming increasingly resource-intensive and face many challenges.In your trust these meetings might currently be face to face, held weekly in meeting rooms. Chairing, attending and managing MDTMs may become increasingly challenging: the pressure of excessive case-loads, lack of time to discuss patients and an increase in costs, may result in insufficient attendance at your MDTM and an inability to securely access appropriate data. Patient information is not always available to the MDTM, resulting in a delay in or poor decision-making. 

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NHS MDTM streamlining guidance aims to improve the management for patients referred to the MDTM by improving pathways and facilitating the best use of clinical time. Optimisation of resources with the NAVIFY Tumor Board could result in:

  • Increased accessibility of patient data for healthcare specialists via cloud-based software designed to keep sensitive data secure.
  • An efficient end-to-end collaborative workflow that enables coordinating, scheduling, preparing, presenting and documenting information for MDTMs
  • More efficient use of time, which could contribute to more efficient use of NHS resources generally
  • Driving up standards across cancer MDTM pathways

NAVIFY Tumor Board can be made easily available with access via web browser and no hardware on-site needed

• A light touch implementation including virtual training and support to enable smooth transition into routine.
• NAVIFY Tumor Board can be accessed virtually from any location, any time enabling asynchronous case discussions, by multiple team members.
• NAVIFY Tumor Board adheres to data security standards (GDPR, HIPAA, local requirements) and processes (ISO27017, ISO27018, ISO27001), ensuring patient confidentiality and secure data-sharing between sites.

Video training for all the MDTM members, arranged by Roche employees.

• Web conferencing facility would further enhance virtual MDTM
• Moving from physical to virtual MDTM would potentially require a workflow review by a Roche Digital Healthcare Consultant