Dermicus Teledermatology

Dermicus Teledermatology

Dermicus is an NHSX DTAC approved specialist teledermatology platform for the remote diagnosis and management of skin cancer, general skin lesions and wounds. Dermicus is securely integrated into electronic patient records systems in primary and secondary care using the NHS IM1 pairing, FHIR and other integration standards. All patient data and information security meet the highest standards required by the NHS, validated by an ISO 27001 accreditation. 

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An independent evaluation of Dermicus in the NHS showed evidence of reducing waiting times for the first referral from 26 days to 0.6 days, and referring GPs had easily adopted the new way of working (implemented during the start the pandemic).

Dermicus enables the collaboration between primary care clinicians and specialists for faster, higher quality diagnosis, reducing anxiety for patients and improving efficiency and consistency. Dermicus delivers efficiency in the patient pathway and improved patient outcomes.

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