Feebris’ remote patient monitoring software captures patient vital signs using AI to improve accuracy and process data, triaging patients according to clinically validated risk frameworks. Using machine learning algorithms, the system analyses the data to provide escalation recommendations and decision support, upskilling the existing workforce and improving patient outcomes. The mobile-based software platform allows users to confidently detect and triage deterioration without clinical training.

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Feebris allows clinicians to extend their arms reach into the community without leaving the clinic, reviewing highly accurate health data insights remotely.

Use of AI in data capture provides an increase in accuracy and reduction in false positives or 'bad data' in the measurement of vital signs. Research showed an improved accuracy of measurements, a reduction in reading errors from 23% to less than 1%, and false alarms from 16% to less than 2%. This means fewer unnecessary GP callouts and hospital admissions based on inaccurate measurements.

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

Feebris was selected as a winner of the AHSN Network supported Techforce19 competition launched at the beginning of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The company later joined the 2020-21 DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme supported by the London-based AHSNs, which provided then with a better understanding of the NHS structure, funding streams and requirements for companies entering the NHS.

The programme also supported in developing, refining and testing of Feebris’ value proposition to fit NHS needs. Through Generator workshops and guidance from their NHS Navigator, Feebris performed a gap analysis on their current evidence pool and established an evidence generation strategy.

Impact & Outcomes

Feebris use in care homes has been associated with a 35% reduction in hospital conveyances, 31% reduction in blue calls and 31% reduction in incidents requiring a call to a clinician.

71% of GPs reported improvements in flexible working and allocation of resources and proactive health monitoring increased from 42% to 78%, allowing for earlier detection of deterioration.

Feebris was recognised as one of the Top 100 UK Businesses Ready for Export by The Department of Trade and Investment, and has expanded their usage to cover district nursing, domiciliary care and primary care alongside continued usage in care homes.