FH Intuition

FH Intuition

SPEaC Happy is a real-time feedback tool, analytics platform and training facility for organisations. By listening to staff, it enhances well-being and engagement and improves the working environment for all.

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“Happy staff = happy patients” is a well-rehearsed mantra within the NHS and not without reason. A wealth of evidence now exists from The Kings Fund, Jill Maben and Michael West, all of whom have demonstrated that a happy and engaged workforce results in improved patient outcomes, improved mortality and lower infection rates. Not only is an engaged workforce good for patients, it is good for organisations too. With the NHS facing a potential staffing deficit of up to 250,000 staff by 2050, a happy workforce is also essential for recruitment, retention and to reduce costs associated with the NHS Staff Bank and agency usage.

This real-time staff feedback system, SPEaC happy, was designed with staff at one NHS Trust, and it has since been rolled out to a number of organisations across the NHS and education sector. This simple system which is created bespoke for each organisation, allows staff a voice and provides a method of rapid communication between team leaders and staff. By remaining anonymous, staff at all levels of the organisation have the freedom to speak up and have their voice heard.

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

Support from the health innovation programme enabled the team to improve their business skills and knowledge, as well as develop links with the ASHN. Support from the AHSN business coaching programme also helped the team consider how to develop and grow the business further. Through one of the AHSN events, a partnership with another company was formed, providing the opportunity to take on new clients.

Impact & Outcomes

The benefits to organisations can be described both in terms of cost savings (£330K in one area of one organisation in a year due to reduction in turnover), but perhaps more importantly in terms of staff engagement and morale. Another NHS Trust has seen its staff survey improve year on year following implementation. This innovation has been recognised in the CQC driving improvement report, Deloitte UK Centre for Health Solutions (Time to care report) and by NHS Employers ‘Top Tips’. SPEaC happy also won a Health Service Journal award in 2016, and a Medilink SW award in 2019.