Gendius developed product Intellin® is an intelligent diabetes management platform that uses clinical data to predict the trajectory of an individual's diabetes and helps to mitigate progression through smart tips. Powered by sophisticated AI algorithms, Intellin® is changing the way diabetes is managed. The Intellin® App is today the fastest downloaded diabetes app in the world.

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Diabetes is a complex, difficult condition to manage and mitigating the progression of the disease is essential to prevent secondary complications.

GP quote: “Intellin® is the FitBit of diabetes apps. It is an incredibly comprehensive tracking tool for monitoring a huge range of different variables that matter to diabetics. The overview it gives you is far clearer than anything we have got at the moment in general practice.”

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

The potential of Intellin® was recognised early by Health Innovation Manchester (HInM) which has supported the developers, Gendius Limited, with bespoke business support, funding for two important projects and important introductions throughout all stages of the innovation.

Support has included:

  • Putting together a consortium that included Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust to apply for an Innovate UK grant. HInM was pivotal in helping Gendius to structure the study, which won over £500,000 to carry out the INDUCE study
  • Bespoke business support under ERDF Programme including User Experience Design and advice
  • Brokering conversations with clinicians and other NHS stakeholders
  • Two funding awards under HInM Momentum competitive process
  • Brokering introductions to demo Intellin® and pitch for funding at a European/global scale at the HIMSS-Health 2.0 European Conference in Helsinki in June 2019
  • Real World Validation support in partnership with University of Chester and NHS Oldham CCG

Impact & Outcomes

Financial impact:

  • Gendius has attracted investment from a number of sources including Innovate UK, SBRI, Venture Capitalists, and Crowd-funding. Total investment is now close to £2m
  • They have secured two funding awards through the HInM Momentum Funding call:
    • £12,0000 awarded in 2017 to support market research activity into the requirements of customers for the development of the platform
    • £50,000 awarded in March 2020 to further develop the Intellin® platform and analyse consented patient data across 250 GPs and patients to help improve the existing algorithms used to predict a patient’s risk of developing complications
  • Gendius is expanding exponentially. With a current headcount of 11, it is anticipated that a further 28 jobs will be created in 2020
  • A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with Astra Zeneca to develop Intellin® and support patients in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries

 Patient and other impacts:

  • 300,000 downloads, more than 60,000 monthly users, in 170 countries
  • Intellin® is an integrated platform, meaning that the patient app talks to an HCP Dashboard
  • Connected to 150 health care devices and apps, can automatically populate the dashboard, allowing for remote monitoring of patients
  • A partnership with now allows for push-pull data from the Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Remote monitoring offers the potential for reduction in journeys to access care, as well as more efficient use of HCP time in surgery or clinic
  • The advent of the COVID era has affected fundamental diabetes support services and use of remote consultations is expected to increase post-COVID. Intellin®, with its unique predictive capacity, is perfectly poised to make a significant contribution to this space
  • A study in Salford, looking at the prevention of recurrence of diabetic foot ulcer is due to report in Autumn 2020