HealthUnlocked is an electronic social prescribing tool which lets GPs prescribe information, local services and online support for patients with unmet health and social needs such as loneliness, isolation, obesity, anxiety and depression. The HealthUnlocked EMIS plug-in was developed with the support of Care City, a healthy ageing innovation centre commissioned by UCLPartners.

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The HealthUnlocked eSocial prescribing tool lets GPs direct patients to local services and voluntary sector support to help them get active, eat healthily, lose weight, and deal with anxiety and depression to promote their health and well-being. HealthUnlocked integration with EMIS lets GPs easily deliver a digital social prescription within their standard consultation. It is also integrated with Cerner and has an API to integrate with other services.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, HealthUnlocked developed a popular community for people self-isolating which now has 10k members:

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

Care City, a healthy ageing innovation centre in North East London, was commissioned by UCLPartners to help deliver its Innovation Exchange work in the area. Care City collaborated with HealthUnlocked to enable its EMIS plug-in for social prescribing to be rolled out across Barking & Dagenham. The Innovation Exchange provided support with engagement and behavioural change with the local system. 

HealthUnlocked eSocial Prescription is now also being used by GPs in the Sutton CCG area.

Impact & Outcomes

  • 84% of patients issued a social prescription have gone on to access resources and advice on addressing their needs
  • 76% of prescriptions issued address mental health issues and lifestyle changes in the management of type 2 diabetes
  • HealthUnlocked eSocial Prescription has been used by more than 170 healthcare professionals
  • The company has grown to 30 staff members and seen 40% revenue growth
  • HealthUnlocked has nine customers including local governments, Imperial College NHS Trust, a leading health insurer & the USA Academy of Oncology Nurses and Patient Navigators