ioniTOUCH antimicrobial keyboards and mice: a cost effective tool for infection control

ioniTOUCH antimicrobial keyboards and mice: a cost effective tool for infection control

Health Innovation Manchester has supported Diamond Electronics in understanding the NHS landscape, validate the need for the product and brokered introductions for gathering feedback. The ioniTOUCH keyboards have been presented and attracted interest from NHS procurement specialists, infection control, Laboratory and Informatics teams in the region. It was clear that the challenges faced by infection control teams regarding transmission of bacteria through frequently touched surfaces was incredibly important, and keyboards are considered a high risk, if not cleaned properly. Support has led us to enter a procurement framework and will enable us to gather more real-world feedback the keyboards have been placed in locations around Manchester. So far the response has been incredibly positive, keyboards being received well by users, especially in theatres and treatment rooms and we have received orders from clinical research laboratories and dentists across the UK.

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By Diamond Electronics


Keyboards and mice used in healthcare environments can pose an infection control risk to staff and patients if not cleaned frequently and effectively.

ioniTOUCH antimicrobial medical keyboards and mice can assist with infection protection and control procedures to help minimise the risk of bacteria being transmitted from surface to patient or user. Made from silicone rubber, ioniTOUCH keyboards and mice are impregnated with antimicrobial silver phosphate glass to inhibit the growth of microbes and have been effective in inhibiting growth for E.coli, MRSA & K.Pneu.

ioniTOUCH keyboards are easy-to-clean and waterproof. The ability to keep the surface free from harmful bacteria remains simple, yet highly effective. Cleaning can be done quickly and easily without worry of damaging the device, with hospital grade alcohol wipes.

Infection control policies have never been more important, playing a key role in reducing outbreaks in healthcare and office settings. ioniTOUCH keyboards create an additional barrier of protection against the spread of germs on a high touch surface, and improve staff (and patient) safety, saving money, and reducing the chance of bacteria spreading in hygiene critical areas.

AHSN support has enabled ioniTOUCH to confirm its validity as an infection control product, create awareness of this low cost product with procurement and infection control specialists, which has led to a trial and further studies.

Impact & Outcomes

ioniTOUCH medical keyboards help create a safer environment for patients and staff, reducing the chance of a high touch surface harbouring harmful bacteria. Reducing overall spend on HCAI’s by focusing on surfaces of transmission from the start.

Outcome and feedback from Manchester University Hospital Trust, the keyboards were placed for four months in selected locations around the Trust including laboratory, maternity, surgical, and critical care settings.