KiActiv® Health is a clinically proven digital therapy designed to improve the self-management of long-term conditions using personalised everyday physical activity. The personalised interactive dashboard promotes authentic choice and empowers effective self-care, supported by a dedicated mentor.

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KiActiv® was selected to be a partner on the West of England AHSN Diabetes Digital Coach (DDC) Challenge. Subsequently they partnered in the national DDC Test Bed, one of seven wave one NHS Test Beds. The DDC Challenge helped KiActiv® refine their service offering and provided evidence of efficacy and positive user experiences. Consequently, Gloucestershire CCG commissioned KiActiv® for self-care and prevention and were finalists at the 2018 HSJ awards.

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

The West of England AHSN provided KiActiv® with introductions to local NHS Stakeholders who supported KiActiv® in refining the service offering and evaluating its real-world health impact with Gloucestershire CCG. KiActiv® was made available to 179 people with diabetes through primary care. The work with Gloucestershire CCG and the NHS Test Bed raised the company’s profile amongst NHS Stakeholders and provided an opportunity to speak at regional and national events.

Impact & Outcomes

As a result of the work with the West of England AHSN, KiActiv® was commissioned by Gloucestershire CCG, creating a foundation from which to grow and deliver measurable health benefit across multiple long term conditions.

During the DDC Challenge, KiActiv® demonstrated remarkable success in improving everyday physical activity, with a broad demographic and in areas of deprivation. 97% of patients increased their physical activity levels, in the multiple dimensions known to impact health, and these improvements were shown to reduce HbA1c by 0.9%, which is associated with a risk reduction of 32.9% for microvascular complications. 

Health economic evaluation of the programme demonstrated a positive return on investment within a one-year, five-year and 10-year time horizon. Economic benefit is achieved through the improvement in health outcomes, the reduction in future costs such as medicines, complications and co-morbidities, and productivity gains.