Locum’s Nest

Locum’s Nest

Locum’s Nest is a temporary staffing management platform to help address the NHS workforce challenge. It combines advanced mobile technology with personal service to connect doctors to locum work in healthcare organisations. This streamlines work efficiency and saves time, ensuring patient needs are met faster and by the appropriate professional.

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Locum’s Nest is a market leading temporary staffing management platform combining advanced mobile technology with personal service.

It provides a native mobile app connecting doctors to locum work in healthcare organisations. The app matches doctors to short-staffed shifts available within preferred hospitals across a chosen geographic area by linking to cloud-based web platforms for hospital managers to manage their staff bank and temporary workers.

By listing all available vacancies on one portal, doctors registered with that hospital will receive immediate notification of available shifts within their chosen parameters. The doctors can choose where/when/which shifts they select. Once their selection is approved by the Trust they are notified via the app. This streamlines work efficiency and saves time, ensuring patient needs are met faster and with the appropriate professional.

After piloting in 2016, Locum’s Nest is now used in 34 NHS trusts and 3 GP federations.  In one trust alone, it has achieved a 100% attendance rate, a fill rate of over 90% and has saved (cash-releasing) £3.2 million in 1 year through avoided agency fees.

Locum’s Nest has received support from KSS AHSN and the three AHSNs and partners who provide the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator. This support has included:

  • introductions to local systems,
  • advice on interoperability,
  • change management, and awareness, and
  • independent robust economic evaluations and case studies. 

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator have provided Locum’s Nest support in the areas of interoperability, change management, and awareness, and are finalising a case study detailing implementation and impact at North Middlesex Hospital. 

Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSS AHSN) has offered advice to the Locum’s Nest team on how to gain traction within the NHS, helping them to frame the app’s relevance to STP priorities. Additionally, KSS AHSN secured Locum’s Nest a presence at the Surrey Heartlands Expo in 2018, where the product was exhibited to more than 300 delegates from across health and social care.  It has also connected Locums’ Nest with the wider AHSN Network, introducing the team to Digital and Information Leads.

KSS AHSN’s analytical team is currently assisting Locum’s Nest further with an evaluation developing the business case through impartial health economic and evaluation reports on Locum’s Nest. The scope of work will cover trust level and national level scenarios.  The KSS AHSN Technology Navigation team are also assisting in the spread of the platform through brokering introductions to Workforce Directors locally and providing business advice.

Having become aware of Locum’s Nest via the Innovation Exchange, UCLPartners is extending awareness of Locum’s Nest in the region. Locum’s Nest has recently been implemented in North Middlesex University Hospital and is at various stages of adoption in other Trusts.  

Impact & Outcomes

Through a robust and independent AHSN Network case study published 2018 Locum’s Nest can demonstrate:

  • 100% attendance rate and fill rate of over 90% has been recorded at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS FT).
  • 100 hours/month saved within specialty departments. Assuming a £15/hr rateà typically £30,000/month saving across the trust.
  • It enhances morale of NHS staff by providing them with integrated, fully staffed shifts, and therefore better patient care and greater healthcare provider satisfaction.
  • 40 hours saved /month within payroll department. Assuming a £15/hr rate, à £600/month in payroll.
  • Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS FT have recorded a yearly cash-releasing saving of £3.2M.

Locum’s Nest has launched the first virtual NHS Medical Collaborative Staff Bank. This success is projected to be replicable across any Trust, and these achievements are recognised in publicised case studies undertaken by NHS Employers and Deloitte.

The company’s success has secured 30 jobs, and 14 new roles since 2017.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company developed a workforce dashboard to help predict where an increase in staffing may be required owing to a potential surge in cases.

The company has also launched a new communications tool that allows locum staff to be directly communicated with by the hospitals.