Nu Vision

Nu Vision

Nu Vision eye treatments offer an alternative to eye surgery by using preserved amniotic membrane (membrane from placentas) to treat damaged corneas and promote healing. The products are unique, as the material is preserved making it easy to  store and accessible to hospitals. The company is in the process of expanding into using their product to facilitate the treatment of chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers.

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One of NU Vision's products, Omnigen, is a unique ‘off the shelf’, transportable dehydrated amniotic membrane-derived biological matrix that can be applied directly to the wound for effective tissue regeneration in a range of clinical situations including ocular surface indications.

The aim of Omnigen is to equip civilian, military and veterinary surgeons with an immediately accessible, consistent high quality, and reliable product, for tissue reconstruction and restoration.

Nu Vision also offer other related products in this space.

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

East Midlands AHSN has been instrumental in supporting the company to commercialise this revolutionary procedure. The company is based in Nottingham and the product is currently  used at 54 NHS sites in the UK.

After some initial guidance, East Midlands AHSN signposted and supported NuVision in their application for a MedTech grant provided by Medilink and part funded by East Midlands AHSN and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 

This support was crucial in helping secure a £100,000 grant to undertake clinical trials to provide an evidence base for using the product for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, results are currently pending.

Impact & Outcomes

In the last 12 months, over 1,500 patients have been treated in the UK with NuVision products. The company reported expectations to double their turnover in 2019-20, from £238,828 to over £500,000 and have secured a further £2 million of investment. As a result, the company have been able to recruit eight additional members of staff.