Pando is a communications platform for healthcare professionals, created by NHS doctors which helps NHS workers exchange patient information, make clinical decisions, manage their workload, and making collaboration easy, fast and secure. Pando saves healthcare professionals more than 40 minutes per shift and improves satisfaction at work, while saving NHS Trusts £6.9m over a 5-year term.

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Communicating effectively and efficiently is of key importance in healthcare as the impact of such inefficiencies can lead to various negative outcomes affecting the overall continuity of care, patient and staff experience and resource misuse (Vermeir et al., 2015). Pagers still represent the traditional method of communication for urgent and non-urgent requests in the NHS in England primarily due to their reliability. 

By 2016, more than 95% of NHS healthcare professionals had switched to using a non-compliant smartphone app (most commonly WhatsApp) to share clinical information at work (Schamroth et al., 2019). These informal workarounds are not secure for handling patient information and do not provide the functionality required to collaborate effectively as a healthcare team (for example, by failing to connect staff to the 50-100 non-departmental colleagues they may need to collaborate with every shift).

The NHS Long Term Plan marks a change towards the adoption of a new generation of digital services designed to meet the needs of the workforce, patients and care users with a set of guiding principles. As part of this, a key transition will be the phasing out of pagers by the end of 2021.

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

The KSS AHSN Insights team conducted an in-depth evaluation to assess the impact of Pando, this included assessment of the economic, health and social outcomes of its solution and qualitative review to understand clinicians and users’ sentiment about the application. A cost-benefit analysis measured the technology’s impact in terms of real monetary cost, headcount, material reduction and productivity improvement standards relative to other current options of communication.

The evaluation found that an acute Trust adopting Pando could save just under £1m (£922k) from in-year cash and non-cash savings, rising to £44 million should the application be rolled out across all acute Trusts nationally. 

On a broader timeframe, this results in a 5-year net present value savings of £6.9M at a trust-level and £340M nationally, should it be fully rolled out. Further scenarios reviewed the impact of the application looking at tasks realised within or across teams.

The vast majority of savings are attributed to time savings for the workforce (non-cash savings). Less than 2% of overall savings were a result of avoiding potential fines from disciplinary action requirements (non-cash savings) and pager savings (cash-savings).

Pando has mainly been directed towards the acute setting with more than 200 pilot sites across the UK. KSS AHSN continues working with Pando to support continued adoption and spread. Whilst the initial focus has been targeted on clinical staff in acute settings, Pando will look towards allied healthcare professionals as well as administrative staff. The community care setting and primary care setting are also two areas to be explored.


Impact & Outcomes

Pando is the NHS’ leading communication platform for healthcare professionals, making collaboration easy, fast and secure. With engagement in over 200 organisations, Pando has now onboarded over 30,000 NHS healthcare professionals, processing more than 8 million clinical messages across 5,000 clinical teams. It is the only app listed in the COVID-19 section in the NHS Apps Library that is made solely for health and social care professionals. It is also has NHS Digital approval and has been widely used as part of the COVID-19 response. 

The research partnership with the AHSN has contributed significantly to investment leveraged and commercial progress. 

With contracts at eight NHS Trusts and the British Army, Pando are ready to scale, working with AHSNs to achieve this. Pando has been able to create 20 jobs as a result of its growth and attracted £11million of investment.