Peppy provides personalised support to help people navigate different key life stages: early parenthood, the menopause, fertility journeys and men’s health. Peppy connects users to trained clinical practitioners that can provide support and transfer users to statutory or employer/insurance-provided services for follow-up.

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Peppy can act as a non-urgent, virtual triage to stream patients into the most appropriate NHS services, meaning more efficient use of limited NHS resources, whilst improving access and an excellent patient experience. A pilot with NHSE/I’s workforce demonstrated that 55% of staff had taken time off work because of menopause symptoms. At the end of the trial, 60% reported less bothersome symptoms and 81% felt more committed to the NHS.

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

Peppy applied for the AHSN Network supported Techforce 19 competition launched at the start of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The company also joined the 2020-21 DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme supported by the Lonodon-based AHSNs where their NHS Navigator provided bespoke advice and support in the development of their new services, and also introduced them to NHS stakeholders to help refine their services to meet local health and social care needs.

The team hosted a lunch and learn “Menopause in the NHS Workplace” and over 90 AHSN and NHS colleagues attended the event, leading to multiple queries regarding the menopause service. Peppy won the DH.L award of significant growth.

Impact & Outcomes

Following on from the success of a pilot study run by the NHS in 2020, seven trusts are providing their employees access to Peppy – this will mean nearly 900 people will have access to Peppy menopause support through their employer.

Additionally, staff from both the Chelsea and Westminster and West Middlesex hospitals have the option to join and take part in the pilot scheme with CW+.