Quality Hospital Solutions Limited (QHS)

Quality Hospital Solutions Limited (QHS)

Quality Hospital Solutions Limited (QHS) is a North East based company specialising in providing innovative products and solutions to the NHS.

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By Quality Hospital Solutions Limited


Their innovations are driven by a specific healthcare need, or a bright idea originating from within the NHS, with the aim of overcoming challenges and improving patient care. QHS has developed an improved biological sample transportation system in conjunction with Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust. The system aims to improve the handling of laboratory samples in their journey from the source (such as a GP surgery or a hospital department), to their eventual arrival at the pathology laboratory ready for processing and analysis.

Pathology laboratories can receive a huge number of biological samples per day, with the samples typically arriving in many different sizes and shapes of tubes, which are themselves contained within sample bags. Once the biological samples arrive at the pathology laboratory, the sample bags are torn open and discarded, and the tubes are then placed in storage racks, and then directed to the correct part of the pathology laboratory for analysis. This can be inefficient and time-consuming. The QHS biological sample transportation system improves the efficiency of the process, reducing costs and waste.

As well as being driven by QHS and Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust, the project draws upon the expertise of other local manufacturing partners including PragmatIC Limited, providing a holistic approach to the developmental process. 

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

The North East North Cumbria AHSN has helped to implement the project by providing intellectual property protection support, funding to support the development of prototypes for trialling, and also commercialisation strategy support.