Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

Aparito is a med-tech company specialising in capturing patient generated data and digital endpoints remotely, with a specific expertise in decentralised/ hybrid studies. As a leading provider of mHealth and remote patient monitoring technology with specialist regulatory and clinical expertise, with our technology it is possible to capture Real-World Patient Data through a variety of sources. These include eQuestionnaires, videos, voice, pictures and wearable device integration.

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By Aparito


Aparito is an award winning medical tech company uniquely positioned to rapidly provide a wide-ranging technology solution across any patient area to vastly improve the patient experience. With the ability to capture and store digital endpoints in the  Atom5 ™ platform, the burden on the patient and clinical staff can be reduced.

The platform allows for tracking and recording of real-world data instantly available to clinical staff. The fully configurable iOS and Android compatiable app allows clinical staff to comprehensivley monitor patients remotely, send out validated and non validated questionnaires, bi-directional communication, video/picture analysis all which can be enhanced through wearable technology.

The video technology that is integrated can provide objective measurements to tests that were previously subjective.

Having technology like this allows clinical staff to identify clinical detioration, smoothness of movements and eratic movements vastly improving the clinical capability all from the comfort of a patient's home. This video technology and pattern recognition technology can be used within rehabilitation, pre/post surgery, cancer care, neurodegenerative diseases and within any other patient group that needs to assess movement patterns to continue with the care pathway.

This technology can be rolled out across whole patient groups allowing clinical staff to monitor full patient cohorts.