The Volunteer Platform (WAHT Edition)

The Volunteer Platform (WAHT Edition)

The Volunteer Platform (WAHT Edition) is a clinical trial management tool developed in partnership with Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust (WAHT) and Being Guided. The Platform (to be renamed) aimed to provide an interface between patients and research staff, simplifying practices to improve the experience of patients and staff participating in research. 

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By Being Guided


The Platform was designed based on software developed by Being Guided to help NHS Organisations cope with additional volunteers during the Pandemic. The idea was supported by MidTECH Innovations and the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN). 

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

To find potential participants for the trials, the Volunteer Platform was integrated with anonymised data from NHS real world cases, which developed its own participant registry. Working with the NHS data helped to build a digital registry of patients, that could potentially take part in trials. WAHT provided clinical and operational guidance to the software design and development process for Being Guided to implement a bespoke digital solution for the NHS.

Being Guided and WAHT were introduced to each other through the WMAHSN Innovation Exchange. The WMAHSN Innovation Exchange had already worked with Being Guided and knew their capabilities. They thought that Being Guided would be a perfect fit to create a digital solution for WAHT. MidTECH Innovations helped facilitate discussions and agreements between both WAHT and Being Guided, for example with an NDA and collaboration agreement. All this led to the creation of the Volunteer Platform and helped to create a digital registry of patients for the COVID-19 vaccine trials. 

Impact & Outcomes

The follwoing impacts have been the coutcome of Being Guided's development of the Volunteer Platform:

  • The platform was developed to identify potential participants for the COVID - 19 trials. 
  • It was then evident that the Volunteer Platform could be used for all types of research.
  • Being Guided has assisted the Trust to move away from Excel. 
  • Being Guided has helped the Trust to reduce costs.
  • It has also simplified processes, eliminating spreadsheets and paper.