YOURmeds is a digital monitored dosage system, supporting users to take their medicines as intended and so maintain their safety and independence, whilst ensuring they get the best clinical outcomes from their medicines.

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By YOURmeds


The solution has a rechargeable electronic device that displays which medication to take and reminds when due. It has smart medicines packaging that detects when doses have been taken and a mobile app that informs the support network in real time if doses are missed or taken incorrectly - this enables family and monitoring centres to intervene as necessary. 

Implementing in a health or social care system helps optimise use of care staff and supports data-driven decision-making. This enables councils and NHS commissioners to improve outcomes and reduce long-term care costs.   

The system is typically used in older people as part of a package of measures to help maintain independence for longer, in those who struggle to comply with their medicines, or where there is a risk to safety from taking an incorrect dose.  The company works closely with local pharmacies, care providers and commissioners to ensure seamless implementation and best value from the system.

How did the Innovation Exchange help?

Wessex AHSN have supported YOURmeds primarily in the following ways:

  • Business strategy – identifying the payer and understanding their constraints, their needs and the best channels
  • Value proposition – why should someone pay for our product, how to explain the benefits and to evaluate them
  • Navigating the health sector here in the UK – which is important as many countries see the UK as the gold standard. So getting product accepted here is a kitemark of quality globally

The team at Wessex is also working with YOURmeds to undertake an impact evaluation of community health implementation of their system in NW England.  They recently hosted a webinar with the company and two of their significant UK users (Manchester & Lothian councils), chaired by the CEO of the Digital Health and Care Alliance.

Impact & Outcomes

The system is in use in social care and health systems in England and Scotland. 

Internationally the company have recently signed a three year distribution agreement with one of the larger pharmacy chains in Australia to distribute the YOURmeds solution. Minimum revenue over the period is expected to be £1,500,000. Applications will be developed for hospital discharge, domiciliary care, Indigenous peoples and across several therapy areas. 

In Europe YOURmeds has been selected by the largest mental health organisation in Holland as one of three key products they are testing to see how adherence can be improved for people with mental health issues, and is under test by the two largest care organisations in Nord Holland seeking improved efficiency. 

Organisations in Belgium and Spain have undertaken evaluations. 

The system has also been used by a Canadian pharmaceutical manufacturer for medication monitoring in a clinical trial.