Event: Community Diagnostics Centres – Cardiology Innovation Exchange

Event: Community Diagnostics Centres – Cardiology Innovation Exchange

Posted on November 19

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We are delighted to invite you to the event “Community Diagnostics Centres – Cardiology Innovation Exchange” on Wednesday 1 December 2021 from 9:00- 12:00.

The NHS London Community Diagnostic Hub (CDC) Programme are working closely with clinical pathway groups in the design and development of the CDCs to ensure they are meeting the needs of patients and the health system. Health Innovation Network and UCLPartners (Academic Health Science Networks – AHSNs) are supporting the programme to advise on innovative solutions to support the CDCs, in order to improve efficiency and care for patients.

To showcase this work, all three London AHSNs (HIN, UCLP, and ICHP) will be hosting an Innovation Exchange Event that will give clinicians, pathway experts, system leaders and innovators an opportunity to engage and discuss the innovative solutions that can support the set-up of the CDCs.

The innovations that will be presented at the event have been selected based on challenge areas identified through our structured engagement with a variety of stakeholders in the field. The current focus is on cardiology and the pathways heart failure, atrial fibrillation, chest pain and valve disease.

The following areas of focus have been highlighted:

• Referrals’ efficiency and support tools

• Patient empowerment and education tools

• Automation of tasks

• Patient-clinician and clinician-clinician communication tools

• Booking systems

• Cardiac specific innovations Given the current COVID circumstances, the event will be held virtually.

For further information regarding the Innovation Exchange event, and to request and invitation and registration link, please contact Lana Abou Rafeh at lana.abou-rafeh@nhs.net.