Wave 2 NHS Test Beds Innovation Exchange

Wave 2 NHS Test Beds Innovation Exchange

Posted on December 19

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In December 2019, the AHSN Network Innovation Exchange hosted a one-day workshop exploring ‘innovation adoption, scale & spread’, designed specifically for the NHS England Test Bed sites and innovators.

The Test Bed programme run by NHS England and the Office for Life Sciences brings NHS organisations and industry partners together to test combinations of digital technologies with pathway redesign in real-world settings. 

Seven Test Bed sites have been awarded funding for Wave 2 of the programme, supporting interventions in the following areas: artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve breast cancer screening; self-management of diabetes; smartphone applications / management tools to support patients with long term conditions; and patient access to digital health records.

Shana Vijayan, NHS England National programme lead for test beds said:

“Working in partnership with the AHSN Network is important for us because we get expertise on commercialisation, spread and adoption. One bit of advice for innovators I would give is to read about what we have done within the Test Bed sites on the NHS Website." 

The aim of this workshop was to:

  • Raise awareness of adoption, spread and scale opportunities/knowledge based on national and international perspectives;
  • Facilitate sharing of learning between sites for the providers and the innovators; and
  • Provide techniques, tools and information for initiating and sustaining growth.

Commercial specialists from five AHSNs gave masterclasses in ‘scale up’ and ‘making your value proposition work.’ Key representatives from NHS England and the Office for Life Sciences also hosted a learning session, fielding questions from the gathered innovators.

Tim Robinson, Commercial Director, East Midlands AHSN said:

“The tip I would give innovators is: understand your value proposition, if you understand exactly how your technology will have impact and provide benefit, then that is always going to result in a better outcome.”

Janet Davies, Programme Lead, Healthier Lancashire & South Cumbria (Wave 1 Test Bed) shared her experiences with attendees:

“Our Test Bed looked at enabling people over 55 to self-care with long term conditions. The key to success of our Test Bed was relationships: how we learnt to trust each other, work together, and problem solve together for the benefit of each other, with no egos in the room.”

Watch this short video to hear tips from attendees and masterclass experts.