24 health innovation companies joining AHSN Network stand at HETT on 28/29 Sept

24 health innovation companies joining AHSN Network stand at HETT on 28/29 Sept

Posted on September 14

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There are 24 impressive health innovation companies joining us this year at the HETT Show, live at ExCel London.

If you would like to meet them and hear more about their work, register for the show and visit us on the AHSN Network stand.

Joining us are:

ADI Health is a leading digital health platform provider, offering bespoke solutions via the MyPathway clinical pathway management and digital communication system. We put the patient at the heart of their health and care, improving access, allowing them to become more engaged and actively involved in their care.

Behold.ai is the first CQC registered AI company. Our regulated company brings AI technologies to radiology departments in the NHS to support the accelerated diagnosis of acute, chronic and healthy patient examinations.

Bridgit Care has created a movement underpinned by technology and their amazing carer community. Their solutions support family carers to look after their loved ones both in the home and while away. They provide support for the carers themselves through their app, online care coach sessions, and eCommerce store for carers.

Cambridge based C2-AI Ltd's clinical analytics solutions have helped client hospitals treat millions of patients, saved thousands of lives and improved outcomes for hundreds of thousands more. They have done this while saving clients hundreds of millions in operational costs, rework, unwarranted variation and litigation.

Docobo provides digital tools for those who need care and for those who give care. We enable the transformation of out of hospital care which includes remote patient monitoring and population health insight.

Golden-Haze Ltd is a startup from the northeast of England, formed in November 2017 to directly support the development and growth of CPDmatch, the world’s first Trivago of Healthcare Education.CPDmatch is a website and app which proactively matches the educational needs of global healthcare professionals with relevant, accessible and affordable on-site and virtual courses, conferences, webinars and study days.

Florence is a persona based smart messaging tool proven to deliver patient behavioural change and more effective self management. Florence delivers beautifully simple interactions to nudge, prompt, remind, motivate and reward. Tested by over 100 independent clinical studies, Florence is proven to deliver better clinical outcomes, and huge cost savings.

GaitSmart provides affordable access to gold-standard gait quantification and personalised rehabilitation, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to remain mobile and healthy. GaitSmart, our sensor based system measures a person’s gait in less than 10 minutes and our vGym App uses this data to provide a personalised set of exercises. 

getUBetter transforms the way clinicians and health systems deliver musculoskeletal self-management to their population.  Our team comprises of clinicians, developers, digital health specialists and transformational change experts.  getUBetter is already being adopted in the NHS helping patients to trust their recovery, effectively self-manage and utilise less healthcare resource.

Health Call Solutions is a multi-award-winning NHS owned digital health company established in 2016 to reduce operational delivery costs and share knowledge across the health and care sector. Health Call uses its extensive networks to solve real world problems collaboratively.

Holmusk is on a mission to transform people’s lives through evidence driven medicine. Holmusk UK collaborates with mental health trusts to provide MaST, a powerful easy-to-use digital platform for community mental health services. Predictive analytics identify people at greater risk of using crisis services enabling improved caseload management and decision-making.

iRhythm Technologies is a digital healthcare company redefining the way cardiac arrhythmias are diagnosed with wearable bio-sensing technology combined with cloud-based data analytics and machine-learning capabilities. The ZIO by iRhythm platform, allows diagnosis of many arrhythmias more efficiently than traditional monitors, supporting improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes in healthcare.

Itecho Health is a digital health company led by clinicians and technology experts with a platform called Ascelus focused on remote monitoring and management of long-term conditions. Our mission is ‘Digital Health through Science for All’ reflecting the importance to us of academic collaboration and digital inclusion.

LatchAid: Sadly 90% of women give up breastfeeding before they want to. LatchAid is the only solution powered by innovation and empathy to help women learn breastfeeding skills and access personalised, credible parenthood support 24/7.

Liberate Pro Healthcare is a digital health engagement and education provider increasing knowledge and understanding, building better patient outcomes. Our mission is to power and advance the engagement between clinicians, patients and healthcare stakeholders to improve health outcomes.

Mendelian: Rare diseases are individually rare but collectively common, affecting 1 in 17 people. Mendelian is a UK-based digital health company dedicated to shortening the diagnostic odyssey of patients affected by rare and hard to diagnosis diseases. MendelScan, our primary care case finding tool, helps doctors identify rare disease patients earlier.

Patients Know Best or ‘PKB’ is a social enterprise and technology platform, designed to bring together patient data from health and social care providers and the patient’s own data, into one secure personal health record.

Physiobuddie provides patients with dynamic and interactive rehabilitation that adapts according to their recovery. They provide expert support for patients from point of injury/illness to their return to full health. Physiobuddie also provides a patient dashboard including engagement scores, patient support such as viewing uploaded photos and responses to clinical questionnaires.

S12 Solutions is an app and website which helps mental health professionals efficiently complete Mental Health Act 1983 processes, leaving them more time to focus on what they do best: supporting the person. 

Safe Steps prevents falls by 28% in social care and NHS trusts. Co-designed with leading NHS Ageing Well clinicians to improve population health for ICS’s through big data, AI and data driven insights. Open & interoperable.

Spirit Digital combines health and social care experience with technological brilliance to deliver CliniTouch Vie, a multi award-winning digital health platform that enables the digitisation of national, regional and local pathways. Part of the Spirit Health Group, one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies developing innovative products and services.

TympaHealth was founded by NHS ENT surgeons and technology experts. The Tympa brings together three different diagnostic and treatment systems in one handheld, portable device. It enables clinicians to deliver high-definition digital otoscopy, microsuction wax removal and a hearing screener in a single appointment, whilst creating a more streamlined interface between primary and secondary care.

VirtTuri is a next generation AI digital assistant that combines market-leading response speed and accuracy fronted by a patented, hyperrealistic avatar interface. Already adopted by global healthcare brands and readying for deployment into the NHS, VirtTuri is delivering highly cost effective and consistent self-care advice for patients at scale.

Whzan Digital Health develops award winning, clinically led remote monitoring systems for use within over 2,500 care homes in the UK and for people at home with short and long term conditions. Whzan is used to identiy and monitor vulnerable people who may be at risk of deterioration.