‘How-to’ guide launched to speed up spread of ‘game-changing’ stroke treatment

‘How-to’ guide launched to speed up spread of ‘game-changing’ stroke treatment

Posted on August 12

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A ‘how-to’ guide to help accelerate the spread of ‘game-changing’ mechanical thrombectomy (MT) treatment for acute stroke has been launched by national stroke experts including Professor Gary Ford, Chief Executive of the Oxford AHSN.

Mechanical Thrombectomy for Acute Ischaemic Stroke: an Implementation Guide for the UK has been developed by Professor Ford and Professors Martin James from Exeter and Phil White from Newcastle. It distills the best available expertise, evidence, analysis and experience into a single definitive volume.

There is overwhelming evidence that MT for the treatment of ischaemic stroke due to large artery occlusion (blockage of one of the major arteries in the brain, causing a severe stroke) is highly effective and could benefit at least one in ten patients admitted to hospital with an acute stroke, providing significant savings to the health system.